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Loved Ones Screens Seijun Suzuki’s, Tokyo Drifter at The Harper Theater

Emerging from the fifties as a singular specialist in the low budget, exuberant, scalping crime film—a small-scale master of callous, deep fried cadence, gaudy action, and offbeat interludes—Suzuki transposes the dynamism of the sixties and wages a more action-for-art’s-sake exhibitionism in cinematic sensation, Tokyo Drifter. The film manifests epic restlessness with cognitive and endemic impulse, matched with corollary resolve, Suzuki delightfully shoulders any situation to a juncture.

Join Loved Ones @ Harper Theater June, 23 for a screening of Seijun Suzuki’s, Tokyo Drifter. This marks the inauguration of Loved Ones,Not Far From Here screening series touring across the city June-September 2019.

The theme for this program is "The Struggles of Individualism"

Doors Open at 4:00 pm

Screening starts at 4:15 pm

Discussion begins at 6:30 pm

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About the Program

Loved Ones Presents: Not Far From Here is a touring program of film that juxtaposes the cinematic worlds of new media, video art, and experimental narrative, emphasizing the vast possibility of moving image, screening an eclectic range of films. The comprehensive body of works screened includes cult classics, criterion films, indie films, foreign films, and works by local and international emerging filmmakers. With alternative and communal screening formats, community engaged Q+A’s, workshops and programming, Loved Ones envisions Not Far From Here as an opportunity to inspire cultural transcendence and dialogues across Chicago. 


Curated with love by Jada-Amina and Elijah WIlborn.

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