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Join Loved Ones for a double feature screening of La Haine and Paid in Full

A double bill for the masses:

Paid in full, a tragedy about 1980s NY natives, and how the lucrative opportunity that found them where they lived ended up being the anchoring element that changed their lives for the bad. This is one of our bonafide favorites, a true contemporary kingpin film with a level head.

​La Haine, a tragedy about the social tension in France in the Late 80s - Mid 90s between the marginalized immigration populace and the powers that be. A gritty tale, met with alluring composition, this is another golden standard amongst our favorites.

Both stories shed light on racial and cultural volatility in their own subjugated areas. Both stories showcasing a tough beauty that resonates as sincere expression. Both stories ending in tragedy that makes its message as explosive as it's visuals

​Join Loved Ones @ University of Chicago's DocFilms, July 13th, 2019 for a double feature of Dame Dash & Charles Stone III's Paid in Full & Matheiu Kassovitz's La Haine.


About the Program

Loved Ones Presents: Not Far From Here is a touring program of film that juxtaposes the cinematic worlds of new media, video art, and experimental narrative, emphasizing the vast possibility of moving image, screening an eclectic range of films. The comprehensive body of works screened includes cult classics, criterion films, indie films, foreign films, and works by local and international emerging filmmakers. With alternative and communal screening formats, community engaged Q+A’s, workshops and programming, Loved Ones envisions Not Far From Here as an opportunity to inspire cultural transcendence and dialogues across Chicago. 


Curated with love by Jada-Amina and Elijah WIlborn.

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