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A screening of the 1978 poetic film - Killer of Sheep in 35 MM followed by a Q & A with the legendary filmmaker Charles Burnett.

Killer of sheep is a true American depiction of a working class African American family maintaining a livelihood in Watts during the late 70s. Compared to the Italian Neo realistic period in the late 50s, Killer of Sheep sustain a poetic resonance with each moment captured. The comprised of elevated sensibilities of its surroundings, the film is executed with highly calculated highly naturalistic scenes that curate a sincere grasp of the social elements it exhibits. 

Filmed on a $10,000 budget (mainly garnered through grants), Charles Burnett produced, wrote, directed, edited and shot this film for his master thesis at UCLA Film School. Not able to draw mass distribution due a conflict with music rights, Killer of Sheep (completed in 1977) was shelved and stowed away from the public, only to be screened sporadically until it reached major acclaim in 1981 where it won a prize at Berlin’s International Film Festival. 

Charles Burnett. regarded as one of the most important independent filmmakers of all time, is for us an immensely important figure for African American Cinema. 


About the Program

Loved Ones Presents: Not Far From Here is a touring program of film that juxtaposes the cinematic worlds of new media, video art, and experimental narrative, emphasizing the vast possibility of moving image, screening an eclectic range of films. The comprehensive body of works screened includes cult classics, criterion films, indie films, foreign films, and works by local and international emerging filmmakers. With alternative and communal screening formats, community engaged Q+A’s, workshops and programming, Loved Ones envisions Not Far From Here as an opportunity to inspire cultural transcendence and dialogues across Chicago. 


Curated with love by Jada-Amina and Elijah WIlborn.

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