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OCT 5, 2018. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.


Passion to Profession’s kick-off event facilitated a space for creative teens and local practicing artists to familiarize themselves with one another, tell stories, and share perspectives! A non-alcoholic happy hour with plenty of icebreaker activities and special guest artists.


About the Artists

Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, the emerging vocal performing artist Shawnee Dez wants nothing more than to share her god-given vocals and consciousness among vast audiences. Currently in the early stages of her career, Dez intently engages her listeners, encouraging energy exchanges by immersing herself in public meditation translated by way of a dynamic multiranged alto-melodic sound.

Mia Ghogho is a mixed-media artist currently pursuing her BFA in studio arts at the University of Illinois. Her work is grounded in cultural history and the metaphysical; through it she explores civilization, consciousness expansion, mythology, and healing. Pivoting between painting, collage, and garment construction, she creates dialectic works influenced by the bodily adornment, health disparities, and ways of life throughout the indigenous American and African diaspora.

Daniel Stewart, also known as Danny Photo, is a full-time photographer and occasional DP. He is experienced in portraiture and fashion photography, shooting primarily on film. He has been photographing for the past six years and freelancing for two. Stewart has worked with competitive brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, Interscope Records, GQ, and more.

Passion to Profession is a workshop series created by artist Anisa Olufemi and co-facilitated by interdisciplinary art worker Jada-Amina. The PTP program aims to create a welcoming, informative, and productive space for youth ages 14–18 to work with practicing artists, both established and up-and-coming, in imagining pathways for pursuing a sustainable career in the arts.

Youth-led events, highlighting youth voices and open to visitors of all ages, are organized by Chicago artists under 21 with the support of the MCA’s Manager of Youth and Family Programs Grace Needlman.

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